What makes your work different to other photographers?

Connection, Love, Emotion and FUN!!! I love intimate, relaxed and peaceful settings. I wan’t you to enjoy the journey. I’m a naturalist when it comes to my Photography, and to be honest I don’t rely on photoshop to enhance moments. Just pockets of natural light, a stunning location, and we’re well underway to some of your first family heirlooms.

I don’t like getting my photo taken and worried about being in front of the camera.

Firstly, we totally understand that it’s your day, and understand some people don’t like being in front of the camera. Dreading the moment where the Photographer wisks you away for your photos. However I want your day to be full of excitement and fun. I want to add to your most memorable day by making you feel as comfortable as you can. I love to joke and have a laugh, and if you do too, we’ll have some fun and get some great images.

I don’t like to pose, do we have to pose??

As I said I’m a naturalist, and love pure candid moments, However sometimes I may direct you for lighting or to enhance the scene, but I do not want to interfere with your moments, I want the photos to look natural, by directing you a little it helps me show your best angle.

What do you usually do after the Ceremony? 

Firstly Congratulations! You just got Married!!! Yay!! After you get the best hugs and congratulations from your closest Family and Friends, I’ll ask everyone to get a group shot. This insures everyone doesn’t duck off to the open bar right away. 🙂 Depending on how much sunlight left in the day and how the schedules looking. We might do family shots first and then head out for the Bridal party shots. Depending on time, what I love to do is do all the Bridal Party photos (with you of course) then send them away and give you and your freshly Wed partner time to relax, and have a moment to reflect. We’ll then take some stunning photos and wish you back to get ready to have the party of your life.

Who owns the Copyright? Will we get a print release for the photos after our wedding?

*Copyright retains to Michael Daniel, However your free to print and share as often as you like. However if you are invited to share to a Magazine go for it, Just credit me. If you use them for Promotional Material, (sell them to Magazines, etc) an extra fee may occur.

Do you do Wedding Albums?

Yes! Absolutely, we love Wedding albums and encourage our beautiful couples to think about getting one. As much as technology is amazing, we’ve all seen first hand how fast it changes. You don’t need to update a Wedding album. USB, I’m sure it’ll be outdated with in the next 5 years for something else.

What if our wedding runs later than expected?

If need be, Usually extra hours are discussed and agreed upon before the wedding as we may have a wedding booked for the following day, and it’s important to keep our schedule on track. However if it’s 30 to an hour, no problems. but if it’s 3-6 hours more there may be an hourly fee.

How many photographers will be at our wedding?

It depends on what you’re after. The package we offer comes with one photographer, however we have  add on options for Second Photographers. Keep in mind due to travel times between Preparation, Ceremony, and Wedding times on the day, it may not be possible for one photographer to get coverage of both Bride and Groom getting ready.

Do you travel?


YES, I thought you’d never ask! We sure do, in fact we travel Interstate and Overseas, and to make it even better we contribute up to $500aud of the travel for every booked wedding, and the deposit paid in full.

Can we meet you before we book?

Absolutely! We love to meet our wonderful couples. And even happy to shout you a Coffee! Yes I said it! Free Coffee, and the best part is there’s no strings attached. 🙂 Ok, maybe a beer if you’re not a Coffee fan. I’m happy to come to you if you are in the Newcastle area, or even happy to arrange a Skype/ FaceTime call. By appointment only.

It might take a while for us to save the deposit. Can you hold the date?

Unfortunately, sorry we’re unable to do so. The only way you can secure our services is to fill in the online wedding agreement and pay the deposit.

Can you help us with our wedding day timeline?

Absolutely, it’s really important to get in touch with us before you schedule the timeline of your wedding day. This will ensure enough time has been allocated for each segment of the day, and to allow for optimal lighting for couple and bridal party photos. We can’t be held responsible for limited photos from limited timeframes.

We are interested in booking, what’s the next step?

A non-refundable $700 retainer and agreement is required to secure your wedding date. All remaining funds are required 2 weeks before your wedding.

How can we pay the invoice?

We accept direct bank transfers (via online banking), or cash. We will email you the invoice, where you can find our bank details and your owing balance.

What happens after we book?

We will get you to fill out the Wedding, and Agreement Forms which will inform us of our schedule and other important information. We will then be in touch a couple of weeks before the wedding, to run through any last minute details and to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. Please stay in touch with any necessary details. And feel free anytime to call also on 0406752830.

Big Love,


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